There’s wood in my cheese: Listeria edition

A couple of weeks ago many private label brand parmesan cheeses made by Castle Cheeses were the subject of late night show jokes, and Facebook shares, after FDA documents showed misbranding and the use of cellulose as filler.

CBS News followed up and surprise, there was some Listeria at the plant too.

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Dr. Ben Chapman is a professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University. As a teenager, a Saturday afternoon viewing of the classic cable movie, Outbreak, sparked his interest in pathogens and public health. With the goal of less foodborne illness, his group designs, implements, and evaluates food safety strategies, messages, and media from farm-to-fork. Through reality-based research, Chapman investigates behaviors and creates interventions aimed at amateur and professional food handlers, managers, and organizational decision-makers; the gate keepers of safe food. Ben co-hosts a biweekly podcast called Food Safety Talk and tries to further engage folks online through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, maybe not surprisingly, Pinterest. Follow on Twitter @benjaminchapman.