244 now sick with Salmonella from sprouts in SA

An extra five South Australians have tested positive to Salmonella Saintpaul after eating contaminated bean sprouts, bringing the total number of victims to 244.

SA Health announced the new figure on Wednesday after testing confirmed the link to the popular Asian garnish.

sprouts.raw.milk.barfWhile the source of the salmonella remains a mystery, the contamination has been linked to the consumption of raw bean sprouts sourced from Queensland and grown and packaged in South Australia.

A spokeswoman from the health department told The Advertiser investigations were ongoing.

One of the victims included a pregnant woman who was rushed to hospital after suffering abdominal pain about two weeks ago.

Usually, the state records just 15 to 20 cases of Salmonella Saintpaul annually.

SA Health chief public health officer Professor Paddy Phillips advised consumers — as well as restaurant and cafe owners — to cook all bean sprouts and avoid eating them raw.

“We are working closely with the producers, suppliers and handlers of the sprouts and (we) are continuing to investigate,” Prof Phillips said.

sprouts.barf“(We’re) doing forensic investigation of the factories to work out where in the processing the salmonella might be.”

It is the second salmonella scare to hit SA this year after dozens of people across Australia were struck down with Salmonella Anatum from eating prepacked leafy greens.

The lettuce, supplied by Tripod Farmers in Victoria and sold at Coles and Woolworths among other companies, was recalled from shelves across the nation in February.

An updated table of raw sprout related outbreaks is available at: https://barfblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Sprout-associated-outbreaks-4-27-16.xlsx