60 sick: Noro linked to UK pub

Public Health England are linking a number of norovirus cases to a pub in Northamptonshire after 60 customers and staff reported being unwell.

Hobsons Choice pub and restaurant in Pegasus Court,A number of diners at the Hobsons Choice pub and restaurant in Pegasus Court, Kettering, reported symptoms of sickness and diarrhea.

The pub shut for inspections earlier this week but is now open, with Public Health England (PHE) bosses saying there is ‘no continuing risk to the public’.

A statement from PHE read: “Public Health England (PHE) has been made aware that a number of customers and staff at a pub and restaurant in Kettering have been suffering with gastrointestinal illness.

“Approximately 60 people have reported symptoms of diarrhoea and sickness.

“PHE is working closely with Environmental Health officers from the health protection team at Kettering Council to identify the source of the infection and the methods of working and hygiene standards at the establishment are being assessed.

“Medical advice has been given to affected customers to help them with their recovery and to stop the illness spreading.

“The pub closed so all public areas and guest toilets could be thoroughly disinfected and it is now re-open for business.”