Argentine city suspends classes after gastroenteritis kill girl

In all, 56 schools in Berazategui, in metropolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina, suspended classes on Thursday (14) after a gastrointerite outbreak that has reached 250 people and caused the death of a girl. The suspicion is that the water is contaminated.

water.argentinaIn a statement posted on his Facebook account, the mayor of Berazategui, Juan Patricio Muzzi, announced that colleges will not work for 48 hours to carry out “preventive cleaning and take sample of water tanks and troughs.”

“Last week, we serve more than 250 cases. And second was informed today in the Situation Room led by the holder of borense health folder, Zulma Ortiz, hospital Evita Pueblo, the most affected are children,” reported the mayor in the post .

According to him, the first tests of laboratories indicate the cause of shigella bacteria.