Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell: 41 sick as E. coli at Connecticut petting farm grows

More cases of E. coli have now been confirmed in connection to a dairy farm in Lebanon.

959978c3eb4288a90f1a4f44403753c2The Department of Public Health now says that 41 people have been diagnosed with E. coli after visiting the Oak Leaf Dairy Farm in March. The patients range in age from 9 months to 45 years old, with a median age of five. Of the 41 patients, seven are adults and the other 34 are under the age of 18. Of those under 18, 22 are under the age of five.

Of those who were diagnosed with E. coli, 10 were hospitalized, and one remains in the hospital. Also, three of the hospitalized patients were also determined to have hemolytic uremic syndrome, a rare but serious illness that affects the kidneys and blood clotting. The one child still hospitalized is one of the three who had HUS.

A table of animal contact-linked outbreaks can be found here.