My back still aches when I hear that word, Tillsonburg: Oh, Thunder Bay

If you ate at a banquet or one of the restaurants at Thunder Bay’s Valhalla Inn this past weekend, the district’s health unit wants to hear from you.

Banquet table, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III

Banquet table, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit says nearly 50 people have reported becoming ill after eating at the hotel.

The health unit’s manager of environmental health says the symptoms most people had are consistent with a food-borne illness.

“The illness was characterized primarily by vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously,” Lee Sieswerda said. “It occurred about a day or two after the meal, and the symptoms lasted for about a day.”

Sieswerda said inspectors have looked at the kitchen at the Valhalla as part of their investigation and didn’t find any ongoing issues at the kitchen.