Child finds meth in Kinder Surprise toy container

As much as kids love sweets, the best part of a Kinder Surprise isn’t the chocolate but the capsule inside which holds a new toy.

kinder.surprise.methAccording to the Daily Star, a five-year-old was with his eight-year-old brother when he spotted the familiar yellow plastic shell — which usually contains a toy — in a hedge.

He broke open the container and astonishingly there was a bag of white powder.

Thankfully the boys from Belfast handed their find over to their family, who gave it to police. The powder in the toy egg was later identified as drugs.

After testing, police were able to confirm the substance was the terrifying Class A drug methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or ice.

Limavady DUP councillor Alan Robinson said as a father he knew how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents were to children and believed it to was lucky the children didn’t swallow the powder.

“In this instance the children are to be commended for passing the contents to their parents,” he said.