Israel: Shitty Salmonella cornflakes to concrete

Arutz Sheva of Ido Ben Porat reports Telma’s infected cornflakes will be shredded and used to fuel furnaces for manufacturing cement, Yediot Aharonot reported this morning (Tuesday).

corn.flakesTrucks will arrive at the company’s factory in the southern city of Arad today to load the 120 tons of Salmonella infected cereal and transport it to a facility in the north. There the boxes of cornflakes – and the 24 massive wooden pallets they were on – will go through a massive shredder.

The crumbs produced by this process will then be shredded again to make them into smaller granules, and then be transported to various factories and used as fuel for cement furnaces.

Cement is produced by the heating chalk and other rock to very high temperatures using vary large furnaces. The furnaces are generally powered by regular fuel or refuse produced during food manufacturing.