Unilever Israel says additional cereal contains Salmonella

Adi Dovrat-Meseritz of Haaretz reports that after refusing for several days to say which batches of its Telma Cornflakes and Delipecan breakfast cereals were contaminated with salmonella, yesterday Unilever Israel published the production codes and dates of the affected products. They included Cocoman, a brand that was not mentioned in earlier reports.

Cocoman-CerealUnilever Israel insists that the contamination was found in the course of routine testing in the factory and that none of the affected production batches left the plant. The multinational that owns the veteran Israeli food maker did not say which strain of salmonella was involved.

Supermarket chains reported that sales of Cocoman plunged 25% after Unilever Israel’s latest disclosure. They said total sales in the breakfast-cereal category fell by single-digit percentage points as a result of the affair.