Stay classy Guelph: Paramedics met with angry vomit-tossing woman, fan runs on ice

A crew of paramedics just managed to dodge being soaked with a bucket of vomit thrown by an angry woman, cops in Guelph, Ont., say. Guelph Police said officers were called to a residence on the city’s York Road to assist an EMS crew with a problematic patient.

guelphAn irate woman became infuriated with the crew and threw a bucket of vomit at them.

Cops say she missed and instead soaked expensive medical equipment with the vomit causing damage.

Patrica Pegalo, 22, of Guelph was arrested at the scene and charged with mischief over $5,000.

Meanwhile, an overexcited Guelph Storm Junior A hockey fan decided to show his enthusiasm by scaling the glass during a game with the home town Mississauga Ice Dogs.

No streaking was involved.