To serve humans: It’s a cookbook! Soylent brand Food Bar recalled due to illnesses

Following on from reports that Soylent food bars were making people barf – most unfortunate food product name in history? – the Canadian Food Inspection Agency reports that Rosa Foods Inc. is recalling Soylent brand Food Bar from the marketplace due to reported illnesses. Consumers should not consume the recalled products described below.

soylentThe following products have been sold through the Internet at

Brand name//Common name//size//Code(s) on Product//UPC

Soylent//Food bar//60g//14JUL17, 15JUL17, 18JUL18, 02AUG17, 04AUG17, 08AUG17, 10AUG//None

Soylent//Food bar//12x60g//14JUL17, 15JUL17, 18JUL17, 02AUG17, 04AUG17, 08AUG17, 10AUG//858369006023

There have been reported illnesses associated with the consumption of these products.