4 Hours at the White House with Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin and Kid Rock

There was this time, I was 17-years-old, and I drove from Brantford to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, with my girlfriend and her mom.

Mom sat in the front, so I decided to crank up my 8-track (seriously, it was an 8-track) and put on something offensive: Ted Nugent’s Wango Tango.

I understand with the hindsight of age I was acting out, trying to get attention, or was just an asshole.

Mom didn’t flinch, just politely indulged me for the little child I was being.

If that 17-year-old became President of the U.S., there may be some problems.

Yet there was President Trump, hosting Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin  for several hours Wednesday night to a white-china private dinner, a room-by-room tour and free-range policy chat.

(Hopefully, Trump steaks weren’t served).

“We were there for four hours, man!” Mr. Nugent, a 68-year-old Detroit native, said in a telephone interview on Thursday, using a four-letter expletive to signal his amazement at Mr. Trump’s willingness to spend so much time with his three casually dressed visitors.

“He gave us a wonderful personal tour of every room and talked about the origins of every carpet and every painting — there was a Monet — and then we had dinner,” said Mr. Nugent, who has referred to former President Barack Obama as a “mongrel” and to Hillary Clinton with an array of unflattering epithets.

Ted, an avowed bow hunter (so was Hubbell) may want to be careful with his cull, after the Lorain County General Health District in Ohio warned anyone who purchased or received deer meat processed at Ketchem’s Country Meats during the 2016-2017 hunting season.

The district is urging anyone who may fall into that category to call 440-322-6367.

Officials say it’s a preventative measure.

There have been no reported cases of foodborne illnesses associated with Ketchem’s as of Wednesday.

While investigating an odor nuisance, public health professionals found that the facility did not have water or electricity for refrigeration and yet was still processing deer. In order to prevent foodborne illness, all perishable foods must be properly refrigerated.

Palin said, “Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, I joked, ‘Because Jesus was booked.’”