Norovirus spoils Love Island’s sexy antics in the villa

Natasha Rigler of the UK Sun reports the TV show, Love Island,  is set to return for its third series on Monday night but producers are worried it could be ruined by a nasty illness currently sweeping Majorca.

Given that Love Island is filmed on the Med island, producers have taken the step of making sure all contestants and crew are covering themselves in anti-bacterial and anti-viral hand gels to prevent infection.

The bug, which causes sickness and diarrhåea, could throw the show into chaos if it took hold in the villa.

A source told the Daily Star: “Infection spreads fast in a hot climate and it would ruin months of planning.

“The show is about sexy young people hooking up in the sun – vomiting or diarrhea would not be a good look.”

Caroline Flack (right) will return to host Love Island for the third year running on Monday evening.