Neil Young, at home

If the Tragically Hip were the house band for my laboratory back in Guelph, then Neil Young was the spirit.

Right now, he’s performing an acoustic set in his childhood hometown of Omemee, Ont. (that’s in Canada, near Peterborough).

In 1981 or 1982, my uni girlfriend and I went and saw Neil do a solo acoustic set at Maple Leaf Gardens.

I was for always amazed that a single performer could captivate an audience of 20,000 for two hours.

About 2004, I took Chapman to go see him, to show the young fella how to rock.

I’m sure Neil has his demons and missteps, but at 72-years-old, and on stage in Omemee, these are signs of a life fully lived.

I always told – and still tell – students, colleagues, whoever,  you got ideas, get them out there.