E. coli in Tavistock Canada

I was sweet on a girl from a dairy farm in Tavistock back in high school, about 20 minutes from Brantford.

It’s sorta the dairy producing hub of Ontario (that’s in Canada) and now public health types have launched an investigation into two E. coli cases.

In a release issued Tuesday afternoon, public health said in response to questions from the community they are investigating all risk factors of E. coli.

“Municipal drinking water is not a suspected cause and remains safe to drink,” the release said.

Oxford County Public Health received a first report of E. coli in a Tavistock resident in mid-February, with a second report following one month later in March.

Residents who suspect they have E. coli should seek medical attention and contact Public Health at 519-539-9800, ext. 3500 or 1-800-755-0394.