2 weeks, 2 books, Australia, 2018

I’m tired of being unemployed, but still have something to offer.

I just don’t want to go check my brain on the way into the government job.

I have invited my closest collaborators over the past 20 years to spend two weeks in Australia and we’lll write two books.

Chapman will arrange the dates.

We have lots of room here for when you arrive

And then we’ll get an airbnb in Coolangatta

(There’s this thing called google, as my students would tell me in 2006)

I talked with Mancini, who told me when Kids in the Hall wrote Brain Candy, they locked themselves in a hotel for 2 weeks

Same with Animal House

2 books, 2 weeks

Food Safety Fairy Tales

Walkerton: A Failure in Public Health

Once the books get out, barfblog.consulting and barfblog.publishing go live.

I’m talking to lots of lawyers and accountants, but need to push this through because I would really hate working for anyone else other than myself.