Doesn’t matter if your kid has E. coli, US privileged want playground taken down

Tim Sanders claims his family’s neighborhood association wants him to take down the playground he installed for his daughter, who is fighting kidney failure.

“It’s important to have this playground when my daughter gets home from the hospital, because it’s hope,” Sanders said. E. coli led to kidney failure for 6-year-old Ashlin three years ago.

The Sanders family moved to Oconomowoc to be closer to family and Ashlin’s doctors in Madison.

She had a kidney transplant on Father’s Day and is expected to return home soon.

“Today they pulled out a pic-line in her chest where they administer fluids and things of that nature,” Sanders said.

Sanders says the former neighborhood president approved the playground and trees. An email says “permission was granted for the rainbow playground set.” It goes on to say trees were also allowed.

“We are not breaking codes. Everything was permitted,” Sanders said.

Sanders said the new HOA board wants him to take everything down “in order to obtain and maintain harmony in appearance,” according to a letter.

Suburbia, I smile and wave.