My brain hurts

I’m sporadic, I fall over, and it’s really fucking scary.

I’ll keep writing until I die, keep advising students, and keep doing what I can. The wife finally admitted last week, that maybe it just wasn’t the booze, that maybe it was 50 years of pucks to the head in shitty Canadian Tire plastic masks. Maybe  it was four years of middle linebacker, where the coach said, the guy with the ball, go kill him, the car crash in which two people died, and the subsequent concussions, falling off my bike, when my wife says, you didn’t really recover from that last fall, you got worse.

I’m stilll there to help the kids, until I can’t be. It’s sad, but I got 3 grandsons now, so life goes on.

I love this pic, because it encapsulates everything i did with my Guelplh girls, and with Sorenne, the American girl.