More than you ever wanted to know about my colon

I just had my first solid poop in three days.

After consuming the 210 grams of Glycoprep-C dissolved in 3 litres of water, I can confidently say the stuff works.

It felt like there was a powerwash hose at the top of my colon and every five minutes for about six hours, it turned on and emptied out my ass.

The other thing at the top of my colon was a 3 cm polyp which was removed and sent off for diagnostics (right, that’s not my ass; and it’s called for a reason).

Doc said it would have turned cancerous, if it hasn’t already.

At least my prostate is fine.

We have great medical care in Australia.

I should have been dead years ago.

Much thanks to Amy for being in my messed up life.