Cracker Barrel in SW Michigan closing because of Salmonella

I’ve spent a good portion of my life on Interstate-75 heading south from Detroit to Sarasota, Florida.

Gramps had a mobile home in Englewood, where he would spend 6-months-minus-one-day every year, to escape the Canadian cold and be covered by insurance.

Amy and I had independently visited Venice, Florida before we met, and we’ve had a few retreats to Anna Maria Island.

A common sight on I-75 was the endless Cracker Barrel restaurants. They looked so appealing, with their ole’ timey messaging, but were no different than turtles, birds and backyard chickens: they were Salmonella factories.

One in southwestern Michigan will not reopen after a problem with salmonella.

The Kalamazoo County health department says it was told about the closing last week. The agency says private tests revealed significant contamination at the Kalamazoo-area restaurant. Results from state tests are expected this week.

The restaurant had reopened after closing in June due to health-code violations. Cracker Barrel, which is based in Lebanon, Tennessee, says the salmonella was not related to the food supply. But the chain says the restaurant has closed because it wasn’t confident that it could “prevent a reoccurrence.”