Good news after young man’s fingers trapped in meat mincer

My grandfather lost a couple of his fingers — not lost at the mall but ffixing combines back in the day.

My father and others would send me inside when I was 12-years-old to hold bolts while they were tightened.

I thought about gramps lost fingers.

Sally White of The Canberra Times writes the owners of M & K Meats in Lanyon Marketplace have confirmed the young man whose hand was caught in a meat grinder in an accident on Thursday has retained all his fingers.

“Still the owner of all ten fingers, he will be OK,” a Facebook post said with a smiley face emoji.

“Our young fella, Jack, was involved in an accident that resulted in a medium risk workplace injury.”

The post said the store would be trading as usual on Friday and thanked emergency services for the prompt response and thorough care.

WorkSafe ACT is investigating the incident and had previously been seeking to speak to a member of the public who may have witnessed the incident. The witness has since come forward.

Firefighters had to manually disassemble the meat mincer at M and K Meats at the Lanyon Market Place after the young worker’s hand became trapped in the meat grinder.