26 infants sick in France from Salmonella linked to rice flour

My gluten-free partner – yes she has been diagnosed – means we eat brown rice flour (she prefers the white stuff).

Xinhua News Agency in Paris reports that 26 infants in France had been infected with Salmonella by eating rice flour for infants. Relevant products have been removed and recalled.

The Pasteur Institute of France has confirmed that 12 of these Salmonella-infected infants and young children belong to the same genome group. It is also analyzing 14 other infants and young children to determine whether they belong to the same genome group.

The 26 infants, including 18 boys and 8 girls, ranged in age from 2 months to 2 years at onset of symptoms. Between the end of August 2018 and January 27, 2019, these infants had diarrhea and 12 had been hospitalized for treatment. At present, all infants and young children have improved or recovered.

After investigation, it has been confirmed that the infants had eaten rice flour produced by the French Maudiak Group in Spain before infection. French public health authorities believe that the food is the source of Salmonella infection in infants and young children.

On Jan. 24 this year, the company announced the emergency removal of related products and recalled the sold products, listing 18 products to be recalled on its official website. On January 25, Lactaris Group of France issued a circular announcing the preventive recall of infant formula milk powder produced in Spain because it was produced in the same place as Maudiak Group.

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