Family reserve

I’m so proud of my parents for staying in contact with the Canadian kids and their great grandchildren.

This is my mom and dad on the left, and mom’s sister and her husband on the right, at the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary. Everyone in the pic is in their 80s, except my mom, but she’ll be there soon. (I love uncle Dave’s shirt, I own several)

When did 80 become the new 50?

The girls are the daughters of Homer the Canadian asparagus king (100 acres) and my cousin is crafting a living on his farm now that they are in full asparagus season.

Urine smells throughout Ontario at this time of year.

Canadian daughter 2-of-4 had a birthday party for her 4-year-old son, so here are some pics.

Daughter Courtlynn wasn’t there because she lives in B.C. and that’s like flying from Australia to anywhere.

Here’s the slide show, courtesy of my mother, and my contributions to the world:

Madelynn, 32, 1 boy:





Jaucelynn, 29, 2 boys (that’s a Doug stare, both of them, depending on my mood.

The birthday boy and family, followed by Madelynn and Braunwynn.












West Coast Courtlynn, Amy and Sorenne, and one of the reasons I can’t play hockey anymore, but can still write (not exactly as shown). I will not go gently into that dark night.