Hockey, dreams, are weird, so is the brain

I had this dream, where I was coaching on the ice in Brisbane for a few hours, helping do evaluations of kids – male and female – and running them through drills.

As the kids got changed and the girls were mixed in with the boys, I explained we had enough girls in Guelph that they had their own league, and as a coach, I wouldn’t go into the dressing room until they were all dressed, and after the game would debrief for a couple of minutes, and then say good bye outside.

After 3 hours of on-ice training I said I’m going home for an hour and would be back in an hour.

I started to put on my street clothes, realized it was dark outside, looked at my iPhone and saw it was 2 a.m.

I miss coaching, but my brain is doing too many weird things.

And in real-life I fall a lot

I’d post this to my other blog, but what’s left of my identity that I can remember is is why hockey is the best sport and all of my 5 daughters played or play.

And hockey hugs are the best.

It takes them away from dolls.

To win the Stanley Cup, a team needs 16 wins, 4 best of 7 rounds of hockey.

Half the teams have been golfing since Feb.

There’s a game 7 on right now, St. Louis is winning against Boston, attempting to avenge  their 1970 loss where Bobby Orr scored the winning goal in an iconic photo. All Canadians know that pic, and we all know Paul Henderson scoring against Russia in 1972.

We got out of grade school to watch the game in the gym.

Hockey matters, and now that my French professor wife has been playing for 4 years, she’s an expert.

Me, I’m retired due to brain and physical injuries, but 50 years of taking pucks to the head will do that.

St. Louis won.

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