Marshall McLuhan would have something to say about social media in education

Social media platforms are increasingly gaining popularity for various usages in higher education. However, research in this domain is still in nascent stage, especially in India.

Through a systematic review process, this study has summarized some of the major findings of the 184 papers published in the last ten years (2010-2019) in highly reputed journals that are indexed in SCOPUS and EBSCOHOST. The findings are classified as emerging from Indian and international studies and research gaps have been identified. Future studies should explore this gap to help the policy makers at national and various institutional levels to come up with appropriate strategies for reaping more benefit of social media in higher education.

Reviewing current state of research on the use of social media in education, 2021

International Journal of Multidisciplinary pp.70-77

Nirankush Dutta & Anil Bhat