I’ve been traveling for over 25 hours now on my return from Melbourne, and I don’t know what it is about Dallas, where I’m currently parked, but I’ve had five different people within a 10 minute span say, hey, great shirt, in response to my English Don’t Eat Poop T-shirt (left, not exactly as pictured) I’ve been stinking up all day.

The T-shirts are still available at donteatpoop.com, and that website will be receiving an overhaul in the next few weeks.  And we’ll be introducing on-line payment (finally).

We’ve also designed a barfblog T-shirt but haven’t printed them just yet.

For those who have traveled lately and know the frustrations, here’s a thorough overview from the current Business Week, appropriately titled Fear and Loathing at the Airport, which reminds me …
While I have enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour during the flights and delays, does anyone else thinks he reads a little like Hunter S. Thompson-lite?