53 sick with Giardia in Ilkley, U.K.

Health officials urged people suffering symptoms of giardia lamblia to stay away from swimming pools as the number of infected people climbed to 53.

The Ilkley Gazette reports that the investigations continue to focus on Saffron restaurant, Station Plaza, currently closed for refurbishment, after local water supplies were ruled out.

The incubation period for the bug can be up to 25 days, and those who have contracted the illness may not show symptoms until then.

The PCT is still advising anyone with the symptoms of diarrhoea, gas or flatulence, indigestion, nausea, stomach cramps, bloatedness and lethargy, to see their GP. The trust also advises food handlers and health care workers who show the symptoms to seek advice about continuing to work.

Sounds like most people in the U.S. after Thanksgiving yesterday.