97 sick with Salmonella at University of Western Ontario

Bryna Warshawsky, the associate medical officer of health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, said yesterday that 11 new laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella have brought the total of confirmed cases to 53 along with another 44 exhibiting symptoms.

Five people have been hospitalized, mainly to treat dehydration.

Out of the previous laboratory-confirmed cases, 29 individuals ate at the Pita Pit at the University Community Centre food court, the Centre Spot. A dozen others also ate at the Centre Spot, but not the Pita Pit.

Out of the 44 people showing symptoms that haven’t been confirmed by lab tests, 31 reported eating at the Pita Pit.

Health officials theorize the salmonella contamination originated at the Pita Pit, and spread to other food preparation services at the food court.

Or it was a common ingredient like tomatoes.