Bodybuilding diet: all natural BS protein shake recipe

Something called Real Muscle Online says that when you are bodybuilding, it’s important to stay healthy while achieving  goals and not buying into a lot of the typical bodybuilding weight loss and mass gain crap.

But they apparently buy into movie crap and don’t care about  barfing from Salmonella.

When getting your daily protein it is important to do it smartly. Too much protein is not good for you. Too much protein from unhealthy sources is not good for you. Lets keep it clean.


  Free range eggs
  Raw milk
  Uncooked honey
  Whey protein if you want

As you can see the ingredients all have a common theme. They are natural. They are uncooked. You see when you cook a food you destroy a lot of the enzymes that make up the proteins and so on. This means they are less effective in your body. What good is a protein if it is unable to do its job?

These natural ingredients are a lot more effective than the dead protein powders you buy on the shelf.

Just because it was in the movie Rocky doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.