Why quarterbacks should stick to football: New Oregon QB commit Cale Millen celebrates by chugging raw eggs with head coach Mario Cristobal

There’s nothing worse than athletes trying to speak.

Bull Durham captured it (below).

This ain’t Rocky, this is Salmonella.

Apparently, it was representative of Cale Millen’s dedication to the University of Oregon. The newest Ducks commit, a Mount Si (Wash.) three-star junior, announced his college decision on Sunday and celebrated by chugging a glass of three raw eggs with his future head coach, Mario Cristobal, as captured by The Oregonian Oregon beat writer Andrew Nemec.

If that sounds unhealthy, well, it is. Sure, raw eggs pack plenty of protein, but they also pack a risk of salmonella. Not a huge risk of salmonella, mind you (there’s actually a greater risk of salmonella on contaminated egg shells than eggs), but the risk is there.

713 sick in WA; Blame food porn Salmonella cases ‘at record level’

I just read an interview about Bill Maher, who likes unpasteurized goat’s yoghurt and a raw egg shake.

Rocky was a movie, not real life.

For someone who comes off as somewhat intelligent (and a lot smirky) he knows shit about microbiology.

With his seed diet, he’s no better than the swarmy folks he skewers.

Western Australian health types have confirmed a surge in salmonella cases has now peaked, and have urged locals to manage their risk of infection.

The WA Health Department said there had been 713 cases of the infection by the end of April- nearly four-and-a-half times the level expected by officials at this time of year.

The confirmation follows three confirmed cases in Busselton over recent weeks linked with uncooked egg products including chocolate mousse, aioli and hollandaise sauce.

A department spokesperson said there had been a large spike in the number of cases, and health officials have advised WA residents how to manage their risk.

“Notifications of Salmonella gastroenteritis are currently at record levels in WA… two molecular subtypes, PFGE1 and PEGE43 are currently causing most of this increase.

These subtypes are most commonly found in uncooked eggs, and the department said investigations into a number of localised outbreaks found a strong correlation between the infection and eating raw or runny eggs.

The department also confirmed the increase wasn’t just in WA, with a number of states around the nation also experiencing localised outbreaks.

If you experience severe or prolonged symptoms you should visit a doctor.

A selection of egg-related outbreaks in Australia can be found here.

I don’t have to close my dirty restaurant I’ll just ignore you: Philadelphia health department finally gets power to shut dirty eateries

Sam Wood of Philly.com writes that for years, whenever the Philadelphia health department discovered a restaurant with hygiene problems that posed a public threat, it has ordered the business to shut down and clean up.

rockey.meat.feb.16And for years, restaurants have been able to ignore those cease-and-desist orders.

That’s set to change in March.

An agreement signed by the health agency and the Department of Licenses & Inspections will give health inspectors the power to shut down problem eateries, said Palak Raval-Nelson, director of Environmental Health Services.

“For so long, we’ve only had a water gun to squirt, and now we’re getting an Uzi,” said Raval-Nelson.

As the policy stands now, if inspectors find inadequate refrigeration, an infestation of mice, or spilled sewage, they can do little more than ask L&I to step in.

“Our authority has been limited to asking for a voluntary closure,” Raval-Nelson said.

Nine times out of 10, proprietors agreed to close, she said. Those who didn’t were referred to L&I.

Under the new agreement, in the works since July 2015, health officials can act on their own, said Chief Deputy City Solicitor Andrew Ross.

“It makes the process more efficient,” Ross said. “We’re not growing any new teeth, we’re just moving them from one mouth to the other.”

The discovery of vermin will trigger an automatic 48-hour closure, Raval-Nelson said.

“It’s very difficult to get rid of vermin in less time,” she said. “You can’t go running around stomping on the mice and roaches.”

Though Philadelphia has resisted issuing letter grades for restaurant sanitation, it has made health reports public through the city’s website. (They are compiled at philly.com/cleanplates.) Public attention to the issue was heightened early last year when about 100 lawyers and students were sickened after eating at Joy Tsin Lau, a frequently cited restaurant in Chinatown.

Raw is risky – stupid college sports egg edition

I always thought college football was sorta dumb.

Rocky-egg+copyI ended up professoring at a U.S university, and would go to the tailgates for some food safety research and show I was a team player and let the admin types know I was alive (because going to meetings was like death and to be avoided).

Didn’t work out so well.

But this shows how idiotic U.S. college football can be.

And this dude is majoring in health and physiology.

Guess they don’t teach microbiology in Iowa.

This ain’t Rocky, it’s Salmonella.

Video is available at


Joe Gorga worries too much about his poison, too little about real risk of food poisoning

With only a week of exams left before completing second-year vet school, Gonzalo has resurfaced with the writing bug, revealing the amount of bad TV he (and many others) watch to decompress from studying. It may also explain his interest in soccer.

You may ask, what’s grosser than going over skin lesions for a systemic pathology final exam? Watching Joe Gorga of Watch What Happens Next, chug down a whole, raw egg yolk followed by a shot of tequila.

I hate tequila, almost as much as the risk of food poisoning associated with ingesting raw eggs. Consumption of raw eggs, including dishes and drinks prepared with raw eggs (home-made ice cream, Caesar salad dressing, egg nog) have been linked to Salmonella outbreaks in the past. To date, there isn’t any published scientific data to prove alcohol in egg nog or other drinks is sufficient to kill all Salmonella, and CDC recommends against ingesting raw eggs. For a list of raw-eggs-related outbreaks, just in Australia, check out http://bites.ksu.edu/raw-egg-related-outbreaks-australia.

So much for hope: best Obama food safety group can do is ‘we have safest food in world’

The last thing people need from any agency is another list of tips to protect consumers from foodborne illness.

Salmonella in jalapeno’s, E. coli in leafy greens and strawberries, listeria in cantaloupes. These are not consumer issues. The only thing consumers can do is to avoid such products. But with no marketing of food safety at retail, shoppers really can’t choose until long after defective foodstuffs are publicized and recalled.

Faith-based food safety.

So when U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is reduced to reciting meaningless clichés to describe food safety achievements in the Obama administration — “We have the safest food supply in the world, but we can always do more to protect consumer” — they’ve thrown in the towel.

The feds are also going to refocus on consumer education, whatever that means.

As some smart policy wonk (not an oxymoron, in this specific case) told me 25 years ago, when politicians talk about educating people, things have really gone off the rails.

As part of clear consumer education and communication, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today issued a progress report highlighting the accomplishments and strategies of President Obama’s Food Safety Working Group (FSWG) combined with useful information for consumers on safe food handling.

Who said the information was useful? Was the information evaluated? Were consumers asked if they thought the information was useful? Did anyone test to see if this useful information translated into food safety behavioral change? Or is useful just some characterization thrown in by a PR flunky.

“As families across the country share in this holiday season, it is important to reiterate our commitment to protecting the food supply and our desire to remain vigilant to protect the American people,” said Secretary Vilsack. “We have taken a number of steps to improve the safety of America’s meat and poultry supply in recent years and the President’s Food Safety Working Group has proven to be a vital component to our work.”

Yes, the full report highlights a number of accomplishments. Most of these are good. But when the “FSWG also plans to continue its efforts to improve food safety by collaborating more with state and local health and agriculture agencies, and food producers, as well as providing education to consumers” in the absence of any science or data to support such information provision, they’ve thrown in the towel.

Bodybuilding diet: all natural BS protein shake recipe

Something called Real Muscle Online says that when you are bodybuilding, it’s important to stay healthy while achieving  goals and not buying into a lot of the typical bodybuilding weight loss and mass gain crap.

But they apparently buy into movie crap and don’t care about  barfing from Salmonella.

When getting your daily protein it is important to do it smartly. Too much protein is not good for you. Too much protein from unhealthy sources is not good for you. Lets keep it clean.


  Free range eggs
  Raw milk
  Uncooked honey
  Whey protein if you want

As you can see the ingredients all have a common theme. They are natural. They are uncooked. You see when you cook a food you destroy a lot of the enzymes that make up the proteins and so on. This means they are less effective in your body. What good is a protein if it is unable to do its job?

These natural ingredients are a lot more effective than the dead protein powders you buy on the shelf.

Just because it was in the movie Rocky doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.