Meet iFSN: Andrew Stormer

Hola, my name is Andrew Stormer.  I designed and run the Don’t Eat Poop website, pull news,
make factsheets and perform other fun-filled food safety related tasks with robot-like speed and precision. 

I’m currently a senior in Food Science at Kansas State and will be graduating in December, 2008. If you are a frequent user of our services and feel as though we are a beneficial organization, then feel free to donate; even it is only a small amount. I work lots of hours and Doug is probably borderline bankrupt because of it. 

On a side note: I am in search of an internship for the upcoming summer, preferably in Scotland, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.  I am, however, more than willing to do internships in the U.S. as well.  If anyone is interested in adopting me then feel free to e-mail me at