Four people had pregnancy complications after getting Listeria

The North Carolina Division of Public Health is warning pregnant women about the consumption of soft cheeses, hot dogs and deli-style meats and prepared salads after three cases of listeriosis were identified in Moore, Durham and Mecklenburg counties and a probable case was identified in Buncombe County.

The story says that two of the pregnant women miscarried after they contracted the infection. In a third case, the pregnant mom delivered early, but she and her baby are doing well. The probable case involves another pregnant woman who also lost her baby. All four had consumed soft cheeses from a variety of sources.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Jeff Engel said, "This is a tragedy, which could have been avoided. Listeriosis can be prevented by avoiding unpasteurized milk and other potentially contaminated food, especially among vulnerable people."

State Laboratory of Public Health testing showed different strains of the bacteria were involved and that one product doesn’t seem to be the blame, and that’s why public health officials issued a general Listeria warning.