Why are UK butchers — and inspectors — apparently so lousy?

This isn’t about the Butcher of Wales, or the Butcher of Scotland. This time, it’s the Butcher of Leeds,

The Yorkshire Post reports today that a butcher’s shop at the centre of one of Yorkshire’s most serious food poisoning outbreaks was found to be "filthy" by inspectors two years before it was shut down.

About 60 people were struck down by E-coli O157 during an outbreak in Leeds in 2006 that led to an investigation into Todd’s Pork and Beef Butchers in Armley and its stall at Kirkgate Market.

Papers released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Todd’s was warned several times about poor hygiene standards and practices.

Hilary Cobley, whose late husband Neil was struck down by poisoning as he was due to undergo chemotherapy, was quoted as saying the outbreak was "no accident", adding,

"I don’t think this happened overnight. When they shut the shop you could see the muck on the floor. It is a shame that they can’t make them pay the fine."