Bunny blamed for UK cryptosporidium alert

Experts investigating the contamination of Northampton’s water supply with cryptosporidium have discovered the root of the problem – a small rabbit that found its way into a tank.

Just a harmless little bunny rabbit, like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (right).

A spokesman for Anglian Water said,

"Following extensive investigations, we can now confirm that the source of the cryptosporidium in the water has been linked to a small rabbit, which gained access to the treatment process via a remote ancillary tank shortly before cryptosporidia were detected. More scientific work will be undertaken to understand the unusual type of cryptosporidium found in this case."

Homewoners could be set for a cash rebate of up to £30 to compensate for the loss of water, with residents forced to endure days of having to boil water for drinking and cooking.