Norovirus not just for Georgetown

Norovirus continues to work its porcelain magic.

After striking  175 Georgetown students – there was vomiting in the emergency waiting rooms and residence hallways, but at least they got Powerade – something that sure sounded like norovirus sickened 75 University of Southern California students.

The campus community was alerted early Saturday with a blast of e-mail and cell phone text messages and officials stressed that ill students should not attend Saturday evening’s football game between the USC Trojans and Oregon.

Several students and staff at a private school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, got sick during lunch on Friday and the health department suspects watermelon in a fruit salad based on what the individuals ate. The health department took samples, and will test them for foodborne illnesses.

And the Washoe District Health Department in Nevada is reminding people to use "effective handwashing procedures" following a rise of gastrointestinal illnesses.

Here’s another norovirus infosheet from the past.