Sick bartender, bad ice led to barfing at Pennsylvania wedding

Norovirus sickened more than 70 people who attended a wedding reception in Washington County, PA, this month.

Investigators from the state Department of Agriculture found that the Stockdale Volunteer Fire Company, which hosted the reception at its fire hall, allowed an ill bartender to handle drinks and ice and used an unsanitary ice machine during the event.

Wedding guest Kim McCrory of Cranberry called the state Department of Health after she learned that she wasn’t the only guest experiencing diarrhea and vomiting in the days after the event.

"I have never been so sick; it was awful," McCrory said. "We weren’t sure if it was food poisoning or something else. But when I heard that so many people who were at the wedding got sick, I knew I should report it."

The bartender admitted having flu-like symptoms and should have been restricted from handling foods, ice and beverages.