103 sickened at Egyptian wedding

Mariam Nabbout of Step Feed reports 103 wedding guests got food poisoning from meals they were served at a marriage ceremony. Before the arrests, the incident was reported to Al Zakazik Police Station, who then launched an investigation into the matter.

Samples of the meal were sent to a lab for testing 

Police have since obtained samples of the food served at the wedding from leftovers stored at the groom’s house. The rice and meat dish that was served to the guests will now be tested for suspected contamination.

News of the incident is all over Twitter.

Salmonella strikes down wedding guests in Georgia

All 100 guests at a wedding in the Georgian Batumi were sickened with Salmonella as reported by the TV channel Rustavi 2.

It is reported that all the injured were taken to a local hospital.

It is noted that the cause of poisoning are the bacteria Salmonella, it is not reported exactly which dish they could be.

Director of the Center for public health of Adjara Nino Nizharadze said that the bacteria Salmonella could be a cream cake, if temperature for storage of dairy products broke.

At the same time in the food Agency of the country declare that when the experts of the Agency came to the restaurant, where the wedding, the food was gone.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Russian Federation the staff of the Mariinsky theatre poisoned chicken liver with Salmonella.

Crypto: My big barfing Greek wedding

Amanda Devlin of The Sun reports a  bride and groom who thought they were suffering from wedding day jitters had actually been struck down by a gastric illness – as well as half of their guests.

big-fat-greek-weddingGemma Tepper, 32, her partner, Lee, 36, say their big day was ruined by the outbreak of Cryptosporidium – a respiratory and gastic illness – at their hotel on the Greek island of Zante.

Now 60 holidaymakers have hired international personal injury lawyers, Irwin Mitchell, to investigate the outbreak.

Gemma, a transport administration clerk, who was staying at the Marelen Hotel with her husband-to-be and their daughter Sylvie said: “When we both started suffering illness on our wedding day we just put it down to being nervous, but we quickly realised it was a lot more than that when the symptoms continued for the next few days.”

The symptoms persisted and both Gemma and Lee, from Pontefract, West Yorks., were forced to time off work when they returned home.

Tests confirmed Gemma was suffering from Cryptosporidium.

Fairytale #4: ‘No one has ever gotten sick here before’ 42 stricken with noro at wedding in Jersey

Press of Atlantic City reports the Cape May County and state health departments are investigating reports of an illness that affected dozens of people who attended a wedding at the Flanders Hotel last month.

fairy_puke_rainbow_by_lu_tih-d6mpm8qKevin Thomas, public health coordinator for the county, said Monday that 42 of 150 guests were confirmed to have fallen ill a day or two after the April 30 wedding.

“No one has ever gotten sick here before,” said Karen Bergman, catering director for the Flanders. “We’re very careful. We play by the rules. We take pride in what we do.”

Food poisoning and norovirus are the likeliest reasons for the outbreak, Thomas said, although it is possible no definitive cause will be identified.

“We find no fault with the Flanders,” said Lois Marcasciano, mother of the bride. “It was a flukey thing that people got sick. I would go back there again. I would have another wedding there.”

Fancy food ain’t safe food, Australian Brisbane Hilton edition: 50 sickened at wedding reception, show us the menu

More than 50 people have fallen ill, including a groom, after a suspected mass food poisoning at a Brisbane wedding reception.

HBNEQUEENSBALLOOM_FPPublic health officials are probing the cause of the outbreak among people who attended the reception at the Hilton Brisbane last Friday.

At least three of the reception guests were so ill with gastroenteritis they sought hospital treatment.

Metro North Public Health Unit physician James Smith said the wedding reception, attended by about 150 people, was catered for by both the Hilton and an external caterer.

Hotel staff contacted Queensland Health when they became aware guests had fallen ill after the reception. Dr Smith said public health officials were working with Hilton management and the Brisbane City Council to investigate the gastrointestinal illness.

Last night, Hilton Hotel Brisbane general manager Chris Partridge said the hotel had been “as co-operative and helpful as we possibly can” to find out the cause of the outbreak.

Mr Partridge said Queensland Health had inspected the hotel’s kitchens and had “left quite satisfied”.

A wedding feast in India leaves 50 ill

Around 50 people of Kuchiyatuli village in Sisai block fell ill due to food poisoning on Saturday night after having dinner at a marriage function in Gumla district.

wedding.crashersAfter consuming the meal in the evening, they complained of vomiting, cramps and an upset stomach at around 10.30 pm on Saturday. Three women and four children have been admitted to Gumla district hospital while the others are under observation at Sisai block hospital.

Gumla civil surgeon Dr S N Jha said the victims fell ill after consuming rice and chicken at the wedding. “The local health centre received 15 cases initially. The cases doubled within an hour,” he said, the symptoms indicated a clear case of food poisoning. A team of medical experts were were sent to the village on Sunday morning to monitor the victims’ health . However, contaminated water could also be a reason why the villagers fell ill.

Wedding ‘nightmare’ as 20 guests get Norovirus in UK

A bride and groom’s wedding celebrations turned into “a nightmare” after around 20 guests were later struck down by the winter vomiting bug.

ask_me_about_my_explosive_diarrhea_tshirt-p2354413693811905333sgf_400The Dundee couple were also affected by the outbreak of norovirus, with people advising the couple of their situation after the occasion.

Heather Albin and Steven Campbell, who were married at the Westpark Conference Centre, in Perth Road, described the aftermath of the event as a “nightmare”.

Bride Heather said: “We had an amazing day but a couple of days later we were hearing that many of our guests had been hit by acute sickness and diarrhea.”

She said that she and her new groom had also been unwell, adding: “I got it first, followed by Steve.

“At the beginning of January, around 20 of our guests had been in touch to say they and their families were feeling terrible — it’s been a nightmare.

“So many of the people who attended the wedding were affected that we wondered if it could have been something we ate at the wedding.

“However, I have now been told it is more likely to be something viral.”

35 sickened at wedding in NY inked to Staphylococcus

An outbreak of gastrointestinal illness among guests at a wedding reception in Brewerton July 31 was caused by food poisoning, according to the state Health Department.

wedding.barfAbout 35 people got sick at the party at Arrowhead Lodge, an Onondaga County-owned facility at Oneida Shores Park, and at least nine of them were taken to area emergency rooms.

The health department said in an email its lab tested samples collected from sick individuals and the results came back positive for staph aureus enterotoxin infection, a type of food poisoning.

Highway to Hell: Weddings can be dangerous

Bill Smith, director of the Robeson County Health Department in North Carolina writes that at a recent Hispanic wedding in Lumberton with no listing of attendees, it appeared that too much chicken was purchased in order to be refrigerated by the caterer. The chicken — not able to be refrigerated — was put into basins with ice. Our natural summer is counterproductive to maintaining ice, so we can assume that a safe temperature was not maintained.

ac:dc.highway.to.hellAll the participants that became ill had eaten chicken or pasta salad with some sort of dressing on it. A take-home message here is to only use permitted caterers as they have been inspected, thus ensuring proper equipment. If you want to be doubly safe, check to see if they are bonded. It will cost a little more than an un-permitted vendor, but it could save you the expense of a day at the emergency room.

In the Phillippines, food poisoning downed 105 wedding guests.

Judith Dalton, Nurse II at the Rural Health Unit in Estancia town, said that the 105 victims attended a wedding reception in Gogo village last August 8. Dalton said the victims did not initially manifest any symptoms.

But around 1 a.m. of August 9, they experienced extreme stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Of the 105 victims, 75 were referred to the government hospital in neighboring Balasan town. Five were admitted while the remaining were outpatients.

Highway to Hell: 22 sickened with Salmonella at wedding at Arizona winery

Highway to Hell, one of the West’s most popular wedding songs, took on added meaning when at least 22 guests were stricken with Salmonella at a winery in Arizona.

highway.to.hellPinal County’s Public Health Services District say they’re investigating the outbreak that’s linked to a March 19 wedding at the Windmill Winery.

The district received a call from a participant of the wedding who reported that at least four attendees needed to be hospitalized.

County public health officials began an investigation into the winery’s food practices and found the operators had exceeded their legally allowable level of food preparation and used a non-permitted caterer.