Effective food safety messages for microbial food safety hazards

At some point while endlessly bitching at Chapman to finish his damn thesis and produce some papers, I realized, I wasn’t so good at closing the deal myself.

I could say I like blogging, being quoted in media, the immediacy of it all, but I also realized I needed the credibility of peer-reviewed publications.

So after grappling with divorce, the angst of children lost, the joy of remarriage and once again the commitment to an ideal, another kid, I decided that while I was bitching at Chapman, I better take care of my own shop.

So, with some pride, I announce the first of about a dozen peer-reviewed papers that are going to appear this year.

Designing effective messages for microbial food safety hazards, which will appear in an upcoming issue of Food Control, by Douglas Powell, Casey Jacob and Lisa Mathiasen, was started by Lisa back in 2003. I told her it was going to be published and she said, “about time.”

Casey did some excellent improvements, and the thing is coming out.

Here’s the abstract; I’ll post the full paper info when it’s published.

Despite numerous food safety information campaigns and educational efforts, microbial foodborne illness remains a significant source of human disease. New food safety messages transmitted using new media are required to enhance food safety from farm-to-fork. A review of the literature reveals that targeting a segment of the population and understanding knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of the individuals comprising that segment can lead to successful communication of food safety messages. Messages found to be effective are relevant to the target audience, contain reliable information, are rapidly distributed at appropriate times, and are repeated. Those containing information that is easily received and understood have also been found effective. The use of media commonly accessed by today’s consumers is also valuable. Evaluation of the effect of all aspects of food safety messages and media, as measured through observation of recipients’ actions, is required to validate the effectiveness of food safety communications.

And I’m in love with my partner, cause she’s the meanest editor I’ve ever had.

And vice-versa.

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