Grill It! And make some kind of effort to kill the bacteria. With Bobby Flay

After the successful tip-sensitive thermometer verified 145 F leg of lamb for dinner guests on Saturday, I’m back to basics for Memorial Day. Whole wheat rolls from scratch, spinach and tomato salad from the garden, and a roast chicken stuffed with an enormous load of garlic.

While entertaining baby Sorenne with initial solids – banana, sweet potato – I was preparing the chicken and trying to ignore the terrible advice from celebrity chef Bobby Flay, who said his BBQed chicken was done when it felt fleshy to the touch and the juices were running clear (sorta looks like the ShamWow douche, right)

This is absolutely wrong. Color is a terrible indicator. For instance, this image (below, left) from Pete Snyder is of a fully 165F cooked chicken leg with back attached.

Oh, and the cross-contamination involving raw product and dirty hands with Bobby and his guests was a microbiological disaster. But it’s OK. He’s a celebrity. Maybe they don’t barf like the rest of us.