Hamburger ads go skanky

Daughter Courtlynn graduated from elementary school last night and begins the teenage angst of secondary school in September (that’s grade 9, freshman for Americans)

As a 14-year-old who outgrew the nonsense of the TV show, The Hill’s about 6 months ago, Courtlynn’s miles ahead of the marketing geniuses at Carl’s Jr., who have decided to use Audrina Patridge’s bikini body to promote its Teriyaki Burger.

"My one indulgence is the Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Burger. I seriously crave it." reports that Carl’s Jr. and its sister chain Hardee’s, which are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Carpinteria, Calif.-based CKE Restaurants, also are hosting a contest for female consumers to show how they eat the chains’ burgers by posting videos to

This is worthy because I threw up a little bit in my mouth while writing this. And Courtlynn thought Audrina was the skanky one. Smart kid.