Gold, silver and bronze medals for restaurants too at 2010 Commonwealth Games

Before moving to New Zealand I had no clue what the games of netball or rugby involved, and it’s not to say I am an expert on these sports by any means now, but I at least know how the games are played. Both netball and rugby sevens are approved sports in the Commonwealth Games, a multinational multisport even held every four years in which athletes of the Commonwealth of Nations compete. In 2010 the Commonwealth Games are going to be hosted by Delhi, India, and the country is preparing to introduce a new restaurant inspection disclosure system to ensure athletes and fans do not become sick during the duration of the games, reports F&B News.

During the meeting, the authorities intended to help prevent the infamous "Delhi belly," with a plan called "Safe food, tasty food" under consideration by India’s food safety agency that would rate restaurants gold, silver or bronze depending on their food safety and hygiene performance.

It was agreed that the municipal corporation of Delhi (MCD) will identify eating establishments from the list of its licensed establishments who could be taken up for upgradation. These establishments will be trained to upgrade food safety and then audited for awarding the appropriate grade. Besides, the members of National Restaurant Association of India will audit to award them grades.

… Further, the food inspectors of MCD/NDMC (New Delhi municipal council) will assist in identifying food businesses and persuading them to adhere to safety norms prescribed under the rules. Several major hotels of the city are also being invited to adopt food cluster in their vicinity as part of their corporate social responsibility and enable such business improve their standards of food safety.

Cool beans!