Thank you for the Salmonella sir, can I have some more? Customers flock to shuttered restaurant

A Toronto restaurant that made 37 of its customers barf and remains closed after two failed health inspections, is still packing them in – on the front lawn.

John He and Peter Wong waited on the manicured lawn of Ruby Chinese Restaurant Saturday afternoon for a friend to join them for lunch. The men knew about the salmonella, but thought the restaurant would be open.

"Many customers are crying that it’s closed down. "I’m healthy," adding he dines at Ruby about three times a week.

Probably not a consolation to the dead person believed to be linked to the outbreak.

The Toronto Star also reported this morning
that children pulled on locked doors and the curious pressed their faces against the glass Saturday afternoon. The lights were off inside and staff were cleaning. None were available for comment.

Jeeping Huang did not know about the salmonella outbreak or failed inspections. She was surprised, not worried, and will eat at the restaurant again.

"Every restaurant works this way. They can change and make improvements," she said.

Every restaurant does not work this way, and shouldn’t.