‘Disgraceful’ UK Chinese restaurant fined ??70,000

My girlfriend during my first two years of university was Alison from Manchester, U.K.

She was nice, not nice, I can’t decide. It was a long time ago.

I really like Amy. And she’s taking me  and Sorenne to Manchester in early Jan. We won’t be eating at Manchester’s Tai Pan restaurant that served customers cockroach-infested rice and was fined £70,000 by a magistrate – who called its hygiene standards ‘absolutely outrageous’.

Manchester Magistrates Court heard
that health inspectors found kitchens at the restaurant in Upper Brook Street, Manchester ‘full of cockroaches’.

They were found living in the rice steamer and dead ones were spotted in the oil used to cook customers’ food.

The restaurant’s chefs were also storing chopping boards on a floor covered in ‘a thick layer of greasy dirt’ and cooking with utensils caked in old food.

Boxes of food were used to hold toilet doors open and many areas of the restaurant’s kitchens were so cluttered with junk they were impossible to clean.

The owners of the restaurant were found guilty of fourteen counts of violating of the Food Hygiene Act in their absence.