If you raise chickens, maybe you shouldn’t cater food, especially after the court order to stop because you made people barf

The Bismarck Tribune of North Dakota reports that more than 150 people became ill after Aggie Jennings of rural Washburn catered  three separate events — a family reunion and two weddings in June — and the illnesses were confirmed as salmonella poisoning.

State epidemidologist Kirby Kruger said 32 people who attended the wedding met the case definition of salmonella poisoning and 13 tested positive for salmonella montevideo, a strain associated with baby chickens.

Jennings raised chickens at her rural residence, he said.

The DNA pattern in the most recent cases matched that pattern and can be traced to a hatchery in Iowa, Kruger said during the investigation.

After the outbreak, the First District Health Unit in  Minot issued a cease-and-desist order to Jennings, telling her to stop all catering activities.

The following weekend Jennings catered a wedding in McClusky where more than 15 people became ill with salmonella poisoning.