Pregnant Pam doesn’t eat pate on The Office

I don’t know if Jenna Fischer is pregnant in real life, but her character, Pam Beesley, on television’s The Office, most certainly is.

On last night’s new episode, Pam was trying to set Oscar up with a dude from the warehouse. She introduced Oscar by saying he made the pate, and she can’t get enough of Oscar’s pate – although she wasn’t shown eating the pate.

This is good, because as real live pregnant woman Amy blogged, pate and other refrigerated ready-to-eat foods are not a good idea for expectant moms due to the listeria risk.

Michael McCain of Maple Leaf Foods
, the Canadian company that killed 22 people with listeria-laden cold cuts last year, was honored again today as a visionary leader, yet he has never publicly said whether pregnant women should eat his cold-cuts. Or pate. Glad The Office got it right.