5-star rating system for Brisbane eateries

The Brisbane Times reports that by November, all of Brisbane, Australia’s 6,000 eateries will be "voluntarily encouraged" by public pressure to display their restaurant inspection ratings, between zero and five stars.

The stars will only judge the hygiene and food safety standards used to make meals.

David Pugh, owner of Restaurant 2 and vice-president of Restaurant Catering Queensland, said the restaurant industry backed the scheme, adding,

"In fact we see it as a bit of bonus, because if you command three, four, five stars, you might get more foot traffic coming through the door. The reality is that the public want this."

A restaurant dude who gets it. Good for him.

Under the new Eat Safe scheme:

• no stars would mean the eatery had not met the hygiene standards of the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards;

• two stars would mean the business had a low level of compliance with food safety standards and "more effort is required;"

• three stars would mean the eatery was a "good performer" that met food safety standards with an overall acceptable level of food safety.;

• four stars would be awarded to a "very good" performer with high food hygiene; and,

• five stars means the eatery has "excellent hygiene" with very high standards in food refrigeration and storage.