Kansas City BBQ joint closed for health violations

There’s a scene in the fabulous 2003 movie, Almost Famous, where the band gets new T-shirts, and only the lead guitar player is discernable in the group pic – the rest of the band are the out-of-focus guys.

The bass player, tired of the band angst, says, “I just want to go get some barbeque.”

And why not. The fictional band is in real Topeka (Kansas).

But Kansas BBQ may not be all it should be. LC’s Barbeque in Kansas City, Missouri, has been shut down for 12 critical health code violations, leaving the city without one of its longtime favorite for barbeque.

In its report, the Kansas City health department noted violations like handwashing procedures, pest issues and sanitation problems. Among the most damaging violations were the pest issues.

The health department’s report stated, "Food was not seen as safe, unadulterated and /or honestly presented."

The report said inspectors found a loaf of bread that had been chewed through by a rodent.