Recipe for cat, the other white meat, gets cooking show host suspended

What better way to celebrate World Cat Day on Feb. 17 (tomorrow, who knew?) than to suggest recipes to prepare the other white meat for deliciousness. is reporting that the co-host of a popular Italian daytime cooking show was suspended on Monday for extolling the delights of cat meat during an episode last week.

Beppe Bigazzi, a food expert on La Prova del Cuoco (The Cooks’ Challenge), enraged animal rights experts around the country when he gave advice on preparing ”tender, white cat meat” in a portion of the show usually reserved for advice about nutrition.

The Italian Animal Protection Agency said they were ”satisfied” with the timeliness of Bigazzi’s suspension in view of World Cat Day on February 17.

While cat meat is illegal in Italy, it is a popular winter dish throughout China and much of Southeast Asia.