Someone changes a baby’s diaper on a restaurant table, would you say anything?

One of Amy’s former students and her Canadian hubby are living in Montreal, where Mary documents their wild and crazy antics on her blog, somewhere over the poutine.

While visiting family in Burlington, Vermont, the gang went out for lunch at Al’s Kitchen, where a young father pulled a Britney Spears and mistook a dining table as a diaper changing station.

As described by Evan,

“No blanket, nor cleaning agent was used during or after, it was cheek-to-table (possibly orange carrot paste poop. Minutes later, after a couple of wipes and a pat to the toddler’s bum, a group of unfortunate hungry, hairy, b-ball jersey sportin’ teens sat down and feasted. …

“In honor of food safety, as an observer turned participant, where does my responsibility stand? Should we have chastised the changer? Notified the staff? Where would the fault lay if someone were to fall ill?”

Comments? I would have at least told staff, so they could intervene.

Mary has an entertaining, R-rated version of the event on her blog.