15 sick from raw milk in 2 Utah outbreaks

The Utah Department of Health announced Monday that two dairies in the state had sold contaminated milk that made 15 people ill.

Ropelato Dairy, 4019 W. 1800 South, was the source of the campylobacter outbreak that sickened nine people, according to spokespeople from the Utah Department of Agriculture and UDOH. Raw milk from a dairy in Richfield gave several people salmonella.

Glen Kinney, Weber- Morgan Health Department epidemiologist, said,

"Raw milk, no matter how carefully handled, has risks.”

I get the whole personal choice thing, and people are going to believe whatever they want about nutrition and wellness, exploited and nourished by the today’s medicine men who flog their wares through corporate offices and the ether of the Intertubes, but people get sick, especially kids. I just gave daughter Sorenne her wake-up bottle of whole milk, bought at the local Dillons grocery store and pasteurized. The difference between lettuce and raw milk is the availability of an easy fix to reduce the risks of foodborne illness – pasteurization.